Making card payments
Funding and Spending from card wallet

Funding card

Once Via cash tokens have been issued to users in exchange of fiat and crypto currencies paid in to their Verified accounts, users can fund their cards to spend money at retail points of sale where the card scheme is accepted. The application should call the fundWallet function to load the card with money equivalent to Via cash tokens sent to it.

Using multiple currencies

The card issued to an issuer on its Verified account is capable of supporting multiple currencies. This can happen in two ways. A user can convert Via cash from one currency to another and then fund the card with the Via cash in the converted currency. This saves users the foreign exchange markup and fees most commonly associated with using multi-currency cards. The other way is for users to convert currency on an already funded card to another currency. The application needs to call the convertCurrency function for this to happen.

Making payments

Users can make payments to other card holders and for this the application needs to call the p2pTransfer function. Payments using physical plastic cards are made at accepting points of sale. If Apple Pay or Google Pay is provisioned by the application developers, card users may use Apple and Google Pay to make payments as well.

Checking card balances, spend limits and transactions

Applications can use the getCustomerWalletBalance function to enable users check their card balance. Applications can display card transactions separately or along with Via cash transactions. Card transactions for a user can be fetched by calling the getCustomerTransactions function. Users can also view their card spend limits and applications need to call the getCustomerCardLimits function to fetch spend limits for a user.
Last modified 9mo ago