Custody of Via
Multi-sig off chain custody

Safe keeping Via

Verified AG provides access to institutional custody of Via cash and other assets in Verified accounts of users. Institutional custody is third party custody and such third parties are usually regulated banks with deposit insurance protection for customer assets.
If users choose the option of keeping their assets in custody, the application has to call the requestCustody function. This transfers the assets to the custodian in such a way that any further transfer of the assets to another wallet address other than the one transferring assets to custody in the first place requires the user to sign the transaction.

Withdrawing Via from custody

For the user to withdraw assets from custody to its Verified account, the application has to call the requestWithdrawal function.
The application can also call the getBalancesInCustody function to show balances of different assets such as Via cash of different currencies to the user.
Last modified 9mo ago