Developing applications on the Verified Network

For payments, securities and trading

The Verified SDK enables integration of any third party application to the Verified Network for executing payment transactions, issuing of tokenized securities and their trading. The Verified Network is a blockchain based system that allows payments using digital tokens and cards and pay in and pay out in both fiat and crypto currencies.

Currently, the Verified SDK only supports web applications. Mobile applications developed on android and iOS platforms will be added later.

To install the Verified SDK, install nodejs and the node package manager. And then install the Verified SDK

D:\Code\your-project>npm install @verified-network/verified-sdk

To use the Verified SDK, the client application code also needs to configure a few environment variables which can be done by adding a .env file to the application's root directory. This should be omitted from any git push by including *.env in the application project's .gitignore file.


The card related environment variables need to be obtained from Verified AG. In addition, addresses of the Via and Verified accounts related smart contracts may be included in the environment file.


The application project owner may add the relevant currencies that are available as Via. The Accounts system, client and KYC contract addresses are mandatory.