For payments, investments and financing
The Verified SDK enables integration of any third party application to the Verified Network for executing payment transactions, issuing of tokenized securities and their trading.
The Verified Network is a blockchain based network of regulated financial service providers that bridge traditional financial services (Cefi/Tradfi) to decentralized financial services (Defi). They provide the on/off ramps between traditional and decentralized financial services by undertaking activities such as fiat pay in to Verified cash tokens and fiat pay out from Verified cash tokens, issuing cards that use cash token balances in Verified wallets, registering assets that underlie tokenized securities, custody of underlying assets used to issue tokenized securities and custody of paid in fiat used to issue Verified cash tokens, managing investment of liquidity on tokenized assets, and servicing assets by reporting corporate actions.
Web3 Applications (Dapps) integrated with the Verified Network using the Verified SDK interface with individual and business users, who can pay, invest and finance using their Verified accounts (wallets).
Last modified 1yr ago