What is the Verified Network

A Decentralized Finance (Defi) network of licensed financial intermediaries and investors

Welcome to the Verified Network

The Verified Network provides software infrastructure to

  • issue tokenized securities that are regulation compliant for distribution

  • create liquidity pools for primary issues, secondary trading and margin trading that are connected to offchain brokerages and multi-lateral trade facilities

  • offer order management and settlement of trades

  • pair tokenized securities with tokenized cash issued by electronic money institutions

  • manage corporate actions such as distributions of dividends and interest income

Using the Verified SDK

The Verified SDK provides Javascript APIs to connect web and mobile applications to the Verified Network.

Verified SDK

Using Verified REST APIs

If you want to use liquidity pools for tokenized securities on chain and access market, order and user data, you can use our REST APIs.

Verified REST API

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