Retrieving client and KYC data
Clients for a manager can be retrieved by the manager by calling the Client contract.
getClients(_managerAddress: string)
All transactions on the Verified Network that are in bound from the public Ethereum mainnet and go out to the mainnet are subject to compulsory AML checks by a reputed crypto AML service provider. AML status for a user can be obtained by calling the Client contract with the user address. AML status is returned as a boolean.
getAMLStatus(_client: string)
Similarly, KYC status and data can be obtained by calling the KYC contract. Calls need to be signed by the user or the user's KYC manager.
getStatus(_clientAddress: string)
getName(_clientAddress: string)
getPhone(_clientAddress: string)
getEmail(_clientAddress: string)
getFile(_clientAddress: string)
getPhotoID(_clientAddress: string)
getVideoID(_clientAddress: string)
getAddress(_clientAddress: string)
getCountry(_clientAddress: string)
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