Accounting for transactions

Account statements

Setting up accounts

An application may set up an accounting system for a user. An accounting system can record transactions, and prepare statement of accounts that can be displayed to users. An accounting system is created using the createAccountHolder function, and such a system could be for recording transactions of a particular category such as cards or securities. An accounting system represented by an account holder can have multiple ledgers. Each ledger is created using the createLedger function, and can represent any number of accounts which are created using the createAccount function.

Account entries

An application may post entries and retrieve entries for transactions in accounts created using the createAccount function. Transactions can be posted using the postEntry function, and they can retrieved using the getEntry function which could be very useful in enabling users search for transactions.

Account statements

Users can view their account statements and applications can retrieve them using the getAccountStatement function. Before account statements are fetched, applications need to update them using the updateAccountStatement function which sums up account balances in various ledgers that may exist for an account holder representing the user.