Adding money to account
Top up a Verified account
A user may add both crypto and fiat currencies to its Verified account. An application may therefore enable a user to transfer ether to its Verified wallet where ether transferred is held on chain. In addition, an application can enable a user to pay in supported fiat currencies against which ERC20 compatible Via cash tokens of equivalent value are issued to the user's wallet.

Transferring ether to the Verified wallet

A user can transfer ether to the Verified wallet from any ERC20 compatible ethereum wallet such as MetaMask, Ledger and Mew. All that is required for a transfer of ether is the address of the user's Verified account which can be retrieved using the getAccount function.

Pay in of fiat from bank accounts and cards

Users can pay in a variety of supported currencies from their card and bank accounts into their Verified accounts. Verified accounts use Stripe for pay in of fiat moneys and requires applications to use custom HTML to execute the pay in transaction. This process does not involve passing any payment information such as card or bank account numbers to the Verified account.

Saving cards and user authorized charges

Applications may also enable users to save their card information on Verified accounts. Users can then authorize charges on these cards for account maintenance related charges. Saving cards and their Authorization require use of custom HTML.
Money paid in to Verified accounts by users are deposited into bank accounts of regulated acceptance partners of Verified AG in different countries. Acceptance partners also pay out fiat money to users when they withdraw money from Verified accounts back to their bank accounts.
Workflow of Pay in to Verified accounts
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