Issuing Via cash tokens
Digital cash token issue

Issuing of Via

Application users can request for issue of Via cash tokens in exchange of ether they pay in from their Verified account or any other ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet. Via cash tokens are digital tokens that represent fiat currencies. Using the requestViaForEther function that accepts a currency and amount parameter, a user's Verified account debits ether in the account equivalent to amount, and requests for issue of Via cash tokens denominated in the currency which are credited to the user's Verified account.

Conversion of Via

Users can also request issue of Via cash tokens in a currency of choice by paying in another Via cash token of a different currency. For example, a user can request for issue of Via-USD cash tokens by paying in Via-EUR cash tokens. This is achieved using the requestIssue function which applications should call by passing the currency and amount to debit, and the currency to issue Via cash in. Doing this converts the amount in the currency to debit into an equivalent amount in the currency to issue in and then credits that amount of Via into the user's Verified account wallet.
Last modified 9mo ago