Making payments in Via
Tokenized cash transfers

Peer to Peer transfers

Users can request peer to peer transfers of Via cash tokens to other users with a Verified account or an ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet. User facing applications should call the requestPayment function with parameters for amount to transfer, address of the recipient, and the currency to debit Via cash from.

Cross border transfers

Any peer to peer transfer of Via cash tokens, whether it is a transfer of Via cash in the same currency or whether it involves the conversion of Via cash in a currency to Via cash in another currency before it is transferred, are free of cost. The latter case which transfer of one currency and credit in another is a two step process that requires the application to first call the requestIssue function to convert the currency Via cash is to be transferred into the currency Via cash is to be credited, followed by calling the requestPayment function.

Accepting Via payments

Accepting Via payments from another account simply involves an application using the accepting Verified account's wallet address or its ENS domain to call the requestPayment function during payment acceptance.
Last modified 9mo ago